SEL4MA Committees

Get Involved with Promoting SEL across MA!

SEL4MA Committees are formed and operated through the initiative of our members. Get in touch with the contacts listed below to join an existing committee. If you have an idea for a new committee, contact Executive Director Jim Vetter at to explore next steps.

Business Engagement Committee

Contact Mitch Lyons |

Chaired by Mitch Lyons. The Business Engagement Committee develops and implements strategies to involve Massachusetts businesses by sharing the benefits that accrue to businesses by making high quality SEL available to all children and adults.

Committee to Re-Model Athletics

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The Committee to Re-Model Athletics supports the Boston Public Schools (BPS) initiative to restructure athletics to be an educational process where sport-related sciences (including explicit SEL skills) are learned, experienced, and practiced on student-centric teams.

Communications Committee

Contact Jim Vetter |

Chaired by Jim Vetter and Danny Thompson. The Communications Committee spreads the word about SEL in Massachusetts and SEL4MA activities via social media, email blasts, the website, and other channels.

District SEL Coordinator Job-Alike Group

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Chaired by Sara Burd and Jim Vetter. The District SEL Coordinator Job-Alike Group provides an opportunity for professionals with responsibility for coordinating SEL activities within their district to come together periodically to share experiences and resources and problem-solve around shared challenges.

Event Committee

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Chaired by Jim Vetter. The Event Committee educates key stakeholders and the broader public by designing and operating SEL4MA regional events, conferences, and speaking engagements.

Family and Community Committee

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Chaired by Karen Craddock and Margaret Kiwanuka. The Family and Community Committee explores and advances understanding, practice, and engagement with families and community partners around SEL. With an emphasis on convening a diverse body, we support and deepen strategies in participatory and culturally responsive and fluent ways across the state and in partnership with other SEL-related activities.

Massachusetts Consortium for Social-Emotional Learning in Teacher Education (SEL-TEd)

Contact Deborah Donahue-Keegan |

Chaired by Deborah Donahue-Keegan. the Massachusetts Consortium for Social-Emotional Learning in Teacher Education (SEL-TEd) advocates for and advances substantive integration of SEL research/practice in teacher preparation programs.

Mental Health and SEL Committee

Contact Jim Vetter |

Chaired by Jim Vetter. The Mental Health & SEL Committee leverages the powerful role of mental health providers in school and community settings to promote the development and implementation of effective social emotional learning programs and practices to enhance the healthy psychological development of all young people and reduce behavioral health barriers to learning and success.

Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

Contact Ellen Gibson |

Chaired by Ellen Gibson. The Public Policy and Advocacy Committee promotes SEL through legislation and other policy initiatives at the local, state, and national level.

Steering Committee

Contact Fern Shamus |

Co-chaired by Fern Shamis and Jim Vetter. The Steering Committee meets quarterly to set direction and establish policy for SEL4MA.