The new Anti-Bullying Law (Chapter 92 of the Acts of 2010) says that the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education shall publish guidelines for implementation of an SEL curriculum for grades K-12 by June of 2011.

Chapter 92 of the Acts of 2010

The DESE Guidelines, in compliance with the law, were published in August, 2011 (Click here for the DESE SEL Guidelines, which is also on the left side menu)

The legislative action is significant for two reasons:

1.  The Massachusetts Legislature believes that social-emotional learning (SEL) can and will  change behaviors  in the general population; and

2.  The Massachusetts Legislature believes that schools are the place to teach children the social-emotional mental skills that will enable them to be resilient, to solve problems, to be less impulsive, to resist peer pressure and all have all those attributes that will serve to make them better citizens who are less likely to engage in high risk behaviors.


The table is set for those interested in seeing SEL in all our schools to move our agenda forward.  We hope you will join with us to make this happen.  Reducing violence and addictions and raising academic achievement can be addressed simultaneously with SEL, an educational process that has proven success.


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