Mission & Vision

Social-Emotional Learning Alliance for Massachusetts (SEL4MA)


To help all young people succeed socially, emotionally and academically by advancing and supporting effective social and emotional learning programs, policies and practices in all schools and communities in Massachusetts.


We envision Massachusetts schools and community education-serving groups as centers of safe, caring and supportive activity where youth and educators are empathetic, resilient, culturally aware and responsive, civically engaged and where young people develop the skills to solve problems, manage emotions and form positive relationships with others.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Influence and advocate for public policy that embraces the importance of social-emotional learning (SEL) in the development of young people:
  • Educate legislators and administrators about the importance of SEL;
  • Advocate for public and private funding to support SEL in Massachusetts;
  • Advise officials/policymakers as to effective ways to implement SEL statewide;
  • Develop and implement legislative strategy that promotes SEL;
  • Expand opportunities for public discourse on the importance of SEL.
Goal 2: Promote and support implementation of evidence-based and culturally competent SEL programming and practice:
  • Provide opportunities for Massachusetts’ educators, education administrators, students, community members and other stakeholders to learn about and share SEL research, theory and best practices;
  • Promote the establishment of SEL curriculum and programming for pre-service teachers and administrators at Massachusetts colleges and universities;
  • Promote the establishment of SEL curriculum and training for parents and community-based educators;
  • Promote current innovative SEL research initiatives and findings;
  • Promote evaluation frameworks and metrics to measure SEL impact and effectiveness.
Goal 3: Establish SEL4MA as a resource for schools and communities by enhancing grassroots involvement to promote a culturally aware and responsive SEL for teachers, administrators, nonprofits/advocates, youth, parents, public officials, practitioners and businesses.
  • Improve the SEL4MA  website as a go-to SEL community resource;
  • Develop an active and effective Speakers Bureau;
  • Establish a network of contacts with grassroots community leaders, practitioners, non-profits/advocates and individuals;
  • Solicit opinions from the broader “community” about issues and options and encourage needs assessments using community-based-participatory models of engagement;
  • Build a diverse, comprehensive coalition of SEL supporters that involves all relevant sectors and key stakeholders of the community.
Goal 4: Ensure sustainability and capacity-building for SEL4MA  through a structural framework that advances the mission and vision.
  • Build the organizational and governance structures;
  • Establish an evolving strategic planning document;
  • Determine resources necessary to carry out the strategic plan and sustain the organizational structure;
  • Create budget and development strategy, where appropriate;
  • Grow, organize and engage a volunteer membership that is ready-to-work and enthusiastic about the importance of SEL4MA .