Steering Committee

Subject to the views of its members:

This subcommittee’s primary function would be to take responsibility for the mission, goals, feasibility, operation and the achievement of outcomes of the SEL Alliance for Massachusetts (SEL4MA). The Steering Committee for SEL4MA would provide oversight of the different ongoing projects of the other SEL4MA subcommittees. The Steering Committee provides a stabilizing and coordinated view of the organizational concepts and directions of SEL4MA while maintaining a visionary outlook. The Steering Committee would look at the broad scope of SEL4MA, its mission, goals and action steps necessary to effectuate change. It would ask appropriate subcommittees to work in certain areas where the greatest impact would be felt. The Steering Committee would look at and then pass on to the general membership issues regarding dues, roles and responsibilities of members, recruiting staff and other far-reaching goals.

The Steering Committee duties include:

  • Monitor and review the work of the various subcommittees
  • Provide assistance when required
  • Help resolving disputes and reconciling differences and approach

Current members on the Steering Committee are:

  • Mitch Lyons, President,, Newton
  • Nova Biro, Co-Director, Open Circle, Wellesley College, Wellesley
  • Deborah Donahue-Keegan, Lecturer, Tufts University, Medford
  • Karen T. Craddock, PhD., Faculty Lead Scholar of Relational-Cultural Theory and Social Action, JBMTI Wellesley College
  • Fern Shamis, Assistant Director, Lesson One, Boston, Chairman
  • Ellen Gibson, School Committee Member, Newton
  • Rachel Poliner, Principal, Leaders and Learners, Boston
  • Annemarie Goode, Child and Family Specialist, Norwell
  • Susan Rivers, PhD., Deputy Director, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Newton
  • John Dacey, Professor Emiritus, Capstone Program, Boston College, Newton
  • Joy Bettencourt, Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Education, Simmons College, Boston
  • Gene Thompson,  Educational Consultant, Cambridge
  • David Harris, Deputy Director, Teachers 21, Wellesley
  • Randy Ross, Consultant, National School Climate Center, South Hadley
  • Khari Roulhac, Athletic Director, Bunker Hill Community College, Charlestown
  • Jim Vetter, Associate Director of Health and Technology, Education Development Center, Inc.
  • Janelle Ridley, Office of Social Emotional Learning and Wellness, Boston Public Schools