Welcome to SEL4US!

We are a coalition aimed at promoting high-quality social and emotional learning* (SEL) integrated into all schools nationwide by connecting state-based SEL advocacy and support organizations with knowledge, tools, and resources to amplify their impact. * When we refer to social and emotional learning (SEL), we are including systematic efforts to promote any or all of the following areas: social and emotional development, 21st century skills, grit, growth mindset, whole child development, character development, moral development, non-cognitive skills, positive youth development, academic attitudes, behavioral skills, positive climate and culture, and caring schools and communities. A December 2016 market research study found that while there is no silver bullet term, “social and emotional learning” emerges as one that is familiar and clear for key stakeholders including K-12 schools, afterschool, and policymakers. The following state-based SEL advocacy and support organizations have websites: If you are interested in learning about and/or initiating SEL advocacy and support efforts in other states, please contact us at info@sel4ma.org.