The Problem

There is a mental health crisis in our country that has not been addressed. As a society, we must respond to our acute needs, but at the same time, we must form a vision for the future. Our elected officials could offer not only short-term plans that seek to relieve the suffering caused by behaviors we inflict on ourselves and others, but also a long-term plan that would diminish the harm for future generations. By any definition, a long-term plan includes educating our young in a way of thinking that would lessen their chances of engaging in risky behaviors. These risky behaviors not only tear families apart, but they cost the taxpayers millions of dollars (see SEL to Reduce Costs ) that could be used in our state budget in more productive way. A long-term plan, involving a coalition of parents, community, government, business and schools, is a way to address problems that are now allowed to eviscerate our society.